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FR : Strasbourg Shopping

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Place de l'Homme de fer

Place de l'Homme de fer Strasbourg, France

Discovering Shops in Strasbourg

I had a small duty of picking up for my lovely fiancĂ© some new shirts. Simple enough for me to venture out into this, still strange to me, outside world. He told me specifically where to go get the good deals on clothing. Even showed me in person the store that was then closed when we were in the area on foot a few days ago. But the French’s Summer Sales going on now (regionally lasts a month from last week of June to last week of July,) lured me to explore for different shops. Since I do not have a car, I rely still on their tramway system. This limits me to my specific memory of having ridden about 25 times mostly the same B and F Tram lines. I naturally go to Homme de Fer, the town commercial center. I remember some shops in the area I liked. This did not provide any satisfactory results. Shops in this area, even with their large read letter displays of SOLDES (SALES), does not mean you should buy anything at their ridiculous prices. A lot of brand name stores. Simple jeans can still go for about 80-100 euros. F that. So I searched on.

It is amazing the price differences from store to store. Of course, brands have a lot to do with it, as well as the type of store you finding yourself in. Homme de Fer area housed one of the fanciest stores namely Galleries Lafayette, and various other over priced variety of store names. Unlike many commercial shopping district such as the Rodeo in Beverly Hills, this area has a mix of smaller stores selling Chinese import clothing for cheap as well. I didn’t prefer the quality that I found so I marched on around straying off of the main foot traffic, but still sort of following ‘the herd’ to this other area where I found Place des Halles (http://www.placedeshalles.com/), one of the largest and oldest shopping mall in town. With the sales going on, finally I had a better time shopping. At least I appreciate more the options presented. I know there are better deals to be had in a different area of town. I’ll get there some day when I don’t have to rely on the Tram as my main transportation. Tram lines are only limited to a few direction, much like the artery of the city. The bus system isn’t so bad, but I can’t be bothered right now. For this moment, I recommend this place. The French also have Winter Sales too!


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