Those that have spent some time here. Of various characters and personalities who chose to be here for their preferred length of time. The list will continue to grow.

Ivan Varvarski – As smart as he is funny as he is artistic as he is super well read as he is NICE as he is handsome so much so girls attention can become a problem.

Olga Nikonova – (in Russian) Journalist by trade
Ben Castledine – Drummer currently crash coursing in motorbike riding in India, of all places
Lise Moulet – Brilliant dancer, gorgeous, kind, interesting, smart, insightful and MORE
Sharon Choi and Gianpaolo Altomari - Clothing Designers from San Francisco. Beautiful couple
Magdalena Szadkowska – (in Polish) Student, Life Enthusiast
Benjamin Rhode – (in German) Special Ed Teacher by training
Jenny Kirschey - One of the most beautiful German Photographer Lawyers I’d ever met
Kjell Gryspeert – Photographer from Belgium (unique conceptual’ish work mixtures of stills, videos, and ambient audio)
Ryan Haskett – Math nuts but generally just an great great human. Great chess player too.
Jonas B Imbault – Jo is so enthusiastic in doing all the right things. Always bright eyed and smiling. Film maker.
Lisa Merighi – (in Italian) On a crazy solo bike ride around SouthEast Asia. Inspiring woman.
Kristina Lapinskaite – (in Lithuanian) Generally quick, bright, realist & super independent
Joshua Williams – (youtube video) My fighter brother. Additional video here.
Tim Nichols – One of the most amazing people I’ve met. Currently is the media and parliamentary officer of the Child Poverty Action Group
Ana Cardenas and Derren – “Love, Passion, Photography” – the most energetic pair of photographers/entrepreneurs ever
Hanna Quevedo – very passionate Spanish Photographer
Jeremy Baron – holycrap he’s AWESOME, so are his peoples
Maisy Metrix – ¬†She’s full of life
Charley Hesse – Formerly English, but since became a global nature specialist, birdwatching guide. Seems to speak every languages.
Michael Newton-McLaughlin – the most driven, result-oriented, most correct people I had ever met. Fierce with words as well.
Chris Hutchins and Amy Fox – Consultants of 2 different fields, together they are just unstoppably adorable. Truly amazing pair.
Egle Satkute – Fearless Lithuanian woman traveling with her sister Daiva, and her 3 year old son Azoulas. Inspirational.

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