Disclaimer from Peak : I used to live here 20 years ago. After 3 months I still feel like walking in dreams. The only thing I got going for me right now is that fact that I do have a grasp of the language, sort of. At least I get to make a lot of Thai people laugh while I’m trying to get directions or information. “Your Thai is terrible!”

But I march on. At least I look the part. And I used to have this. I used to want to be a poet. I used to ¬†want to be a novelist. That was so long ago. All I can do now is trying to make sense and convey a thought and an idea. Soon I will be able to communicate my thoughts properly. And after that, I can get a better sense of what people are like. What do they think about the country, the society, or any current atmosphere. A little while from now, then I’ll be able to put together more comprehensive blogs about places and what they are really about. Just give me 6 months.

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