financial matters

It really takes so little to run a house full of visitors every month in Thailand. Even here in Bangkok, the most expensive part of the country. It’s crazy. The most of the expenses is food – something as necessary as it is indulging. It helps that we are, at the moment, exempted from paying rent. (Commonly places like this goes for 20,000-30,000THB or $550-$850 per month) Such costs depends highly on the area, just as any metropolitan cities. And since we are lucky that this facility is very near one of the most under developed areas of all areas near a BTS SkyTrain stations, things are *still* cheap here. The average cost of operation per month in THB

Electric          3000
Water             600
Internet         1300
Laundry         1200
Groceries       2000
Misc              1000

Total              9100

So far we have the amazing TIP JAR system.

It is amazing because we do not check on who is or isn’t pitching in. People have been kind and helpful, but it has only cover a small part of the expenses. Many who can not pitch in money, pitch in labor. Some had done both. Just as a part of any communities, one would feel more ‘belonging’ for having investing in a common goal.

We are also not averted from taking donations.

The money will help improve the facilities such as fixing what’s broken (and there are MANY).
For examples :

  • The water pump about to break (8000THB replacement). It’s important to have one as it deliver water to the reservoir on the roof, which feeds all the floors above ground level.
  • One of the 4 bathrooms, the sink has fallen off which dragged the rigged up water line off the wall (2000THB repair – FIXED. THANK YOU!)
  • Interior paint for the entire house (10000THB per floor).
  • Exterior paint for the building (20,000THB)
  • Kitchen needs massive remodeling. We need to remove the rotten cabinets and install something else. (20000THB)
  • Refrigerator is crappy. Freezer doesn’t work well. We need a bigger one to store communal foods (15000THB replacement)
  • Washing machine would be helpful. We clean sheets after each visitor and it can get costly. (20000 THB)

Sponsorship is good, too.

You don’t have to be a millionaire philanthropist to make a difference. You can pick one of many ways to sponsor , invest in an idea, or a person.
  • Sponsor an item (to be fixed or replaced)
  • Project funding (currently focusing on the Smoothie project below)
  • Artist funding (artwork)
  • Trip funding (for some people you think is worth it)

Please email to state your intention.

CO-OP Smoothies venture plus Multi Purpose Room

First Room

First room – before

The bottom floor of this place that used to be a dental office reception is now going to be converted to a multi-purpose room. We came up with the idea of putting together a place for smoothies, a healthier, cooling beverage. This is because we have found a need from a refreshment place that does not have TONS of sugar in it. Also we are into larger size drinks as opposed to what are being sold rampantly on the streets of Bangkok.

It’s a co-op because we are believe in profit sharing. No one that is willing to work, should not work without getting compensated. All the details is to be discussed in person.

Also for the available meeting room it is becoming, it can be a place to hold guest teachings. Anything from simple Foreign Language Conversation Club to Business Etiquettes, Film Discussions, to Photography Critiquing Sessions.

Many possibilities are being discussed. We welcome more.

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