couchsurfing & co-op housing rules

We all really don’t prefer having to have rules. But given just a short few months with many personalities that came through, necessity arose for a list of them. These are not rules to intrude on anyone’s liberty. These are set up because someone in the past inspired us to have to spell it out.

For better experience of your stay, please understand these :

Common sense that needs to be stated

Respect the house – it’s far from being a fancy place, but it does belong to a family.
Respect other people’s properties.
Respect our neighbors.
• Clean up after yourself – because if you don’t, it means you are expecting someone else to.
• Bring your own toothpaste, shampoo, soap, razor, etc.
• Don’t be loud. Some people may need to sleep in different hours.
• Don’t be smelly. We make sure there are working showers and running water.
• Don’t be obnoxious.

Not so common sense but it should be

• Sharing the small cost of the house. Rent is free, but the utilities has a price. Pitching in is just one of the ways to help keeping it all going.
• Don’t be wasteful. Try your best to conserve electrics and water. They are accumulated costs that we have to pay after you are long gone.
• We recycle. Please separate the trash.
• Don’t trail your foods. There are lots of bugs here in Thailand, and they are not cute.
• House should be kept locked. Keys are not usually given to avoid confusion.
• Keep your area orderly. It’s already chaotic with many people in and out. Being organized help make sure your things are not messed with.

Specific rules to this place

• This is NOT a party house. Low key parties maybe held from time to time, but those are reserved for special occasions.
• This is NOT a hostel. You must let us know at least roughly when you are coming or going. This helps us gauge the time for necessary housekeepings and preparing for other guests.
• This is NOT a house for drifters. If you want to stay you should have interests and specialties to at least ready to be inspired. We try to be selective about people coming through here. Keep your mind open.
• Please take off your shoes. The place is dusty, but we can’t worsen the wooden floor. You may bring house slippers or wear socks.
• Our wifi is free for you, but not our laptop computers. Loaning such private property is at individual’s discretion. Internet cafes are just a few minute walk away. The hourly rate is very cheap.
• House phone is only for the case of emergency. It’s too costly even for a local call. And for emergency international calls, please ask.
• We have a communal system for food on the 2nd floor. Sharing is encouraged, but freeloaders are easily spotted and chastised. Don’t be that person.
• We also have a capitalist system on the 3rd floor. Food items can be kept there, or sold for profits. We practice a little capitalism at the house to help raise money necessary to pay for such expenses as utilities, internet, and daily communal groceries.
• When we make a large dinner at the house (that you wish to join), please pitch in for groceries. Our resident cooks, usually Jekky (specializes in Thai food), doesn’t need to also pay to feed you. She does it out of love after her full day at work. Every so often we have traveling cook s(even chefs!) couchsurf with us. The same common courtesy applies.
• Lastly, the residents are NOT tour guides. We have lives that are outside of CS. All the guidebooks, brochures, maps, and pamphlets left by previous couchsurfers are kept here for you to do your own research. Discussions are encouraged. Try to be independent, get lost a little bit to learn about things what you otherwise wouldn’t. Just do it smartly, and do NOT lose your valuables.

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