With 12 million people living in this city, public transportations are so necessary. But even various types are available, it does not mean people are deterred from owning cars. Which means the legendary traffic still dictates everyone’s day planners. To save time, one might want to hop on the skytrain to get across town, a motorcycle taxi for a shorter congested distance, a taxi when you have more than 3 people in your party for off peak traffic, a city bus when you are not in a hurry, or a river bus to go around ground traffic altogether.

BTS Skytrain
06.00 am – midnight daily : route map
Bangkok Transit System or the SkyTrain is one of the most convenience way to get from one congestive areas to the next. So far there are 23 stations covering most commercial/shopping areas of Siam Square, Silom, continuing along Sukhumvit road to Ekamai, and eventually to the new Suvarnabhumi Airport.
fare : 25-40THB each trip with optional discount of daily, or monthly passes

MRT Subway
06.00 am – midnight daily : route map
Mass Rapid Transit or the subway here with one end at Chatuchak routing away and east of the BTS through Lad Prao, Huay Kwang – to cross again near Klong Tun area to the other end at Hualumphong, the country’s central train station. Easy access to major places; Thailand Cultural Center, Fortune Town IT Mall

City Buses (BMTA)
bus guide for tourist
Bangkok Mass Transit Authority or the city bus system can be confusing. Since each route is built on stopping and various local landmarks, each of the line does not go only along street by street. Example of a route.
Learning to get around on city bus can be challenging. Most Thais use the busses on work/school/errand routines. Many know them by heart of which bus goes to which areas, but not all do. And since the English version of the bus system is not as developed as the Thai version, asking a Thai friend to help with this might be a better idea.

route map
Train tracks here run through the country like main arteries, and only hit specific provinces. The trains are in somewhat of older shapes, a little rough. But the first class traveling for long range areas seems plenty comfortable. Supposedly they have wifi. (Whoa, right?)
You can get tickets online here.

Taxis in Bangkok are supposed to have meters. Most of them do, but in some cases or areas of town they may refuse to turn it on and rather quote you a price. These kinds of prices are judged on the criteria of how much they think they can get away with – whether it’s from your being a foreigner, or how drunk you are. This is not legal, but there’s no way to enforce against it. Just be mindful.

Tuk Tuks
Tuk tuks used to be cool. These days I really advise against getting on one unless you know them on a friendly term. There’s been talks about putting meters on them, but for now, they can quote you prices so high, it’s not worth it. Or in another scenario of quoting you so low, all to get you to get on, held hostage – like and have to various shops they would hope to get kick backs from.

A great option for going specific route as far as the next provinces. These vans are all over town. Main hubs are near Chatuchak park/market and the Victory Monument areas.
These private 12 seater vans are quite handy and they are everywhere. The only problem (for some of you) is that the destination signs and verbal announcements are all in Thai. You can go to where they are and ask around until someone point you to the right van.

Motorcycle Taxis
A super fast way to weaver through traffic. In the beginning the motorcycle taxis were a way to get a quick cheap rides to go into a deep soi. These days they are everywhere. The costs are generally fix unless you are asking to go somewhere unusual, differing from their usual passengers. It varies from 15THB for a 1-2km range to 60THB for 5-6km or whatever is negotiated. Some motorcycle taxi hubs have fix prices written on a sign, usually in Thai.

River Buses, River Taxis and Ferries
route map
The most refreshing way to commute. River buses are efficient and cheap. Ferries that take you across the Chao Phraya river to and from the Thonburi side at the cost of 3THB each way. A day trip up and down the river with multiple stops is worth it.

Check out BTS’s one day tour pack

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