US : John Coltrane’s Old House in Philly Neglected

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Coltrane Alley

The Alley next to the track of houses

John Coltrane House, 1511 North Thirty-third Street, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

One of the largest figures in the history of Jazz is this saxophonist named John Coltrane. Anyone that knows anything about this genre of music knows the contribution he made during his short 40 years of life. Born in 1926 and died in 1967 when liver cancer took him away. His discography was not as long as many jazz names past or living but his brilliance still unmatched until this day. He’s been credited for spawning the movement avant garde jazz since the 1960s. No matter what level of music geekiness you are, getting into Coltrane’s music can only make life better for you.

For this house, from 1952-1958 John Coltrane spent some last part of his life here. Our touring group stopped in to pay respect to the late greatest Jazz pioneer. But to our sadness, we discovered that the sign decorated this historic house was gone. Then the worry waves come crashing into our individual mind – What now? What’s next? Are they tearing it down? How do people know? Are they recognizing this place? Who took it down and why? etc. etc.

We took a walk around, down the alley and took a look above the fence. Looks like this whole block of house is unoccupied. The overgrowth suggested no activities for some years. We could only speculate at the time what the situation was. Let just hope they are not trying to erase another history here.


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