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KRAV MAGA à Strasbourg

Krav Maga in Strasbourg


Krav Maga in North Eastern France – Found

Another way for me to feel like home in a land where I do not speak the language is to get into this. I scoped out right away and found a solid group established and exist here in Strasbourg since 1997. Gilles Hassine, the head instructor/owner has tons of credits and experiences including having 3rd degree black belt and some kick boxing championship credential. Being a half Tunisian, half Israeli, gave him unique background, I think. His credentials are long, his techniques are clean, also he is a very nice guy who’s pretty much welcome my interest to join. And just like a lot of black belt people I sort of know, he’s also pretty funny. Best of all, of course, he’s a great instructor. It’s not difficult to notice how he keeps an eye out on all students, being very aware of their levels.

I had been to the class/seminar just twice. Gilles accommodated me by finding someone that can communicate to me in English. Although such people often were very skilled trainee, one was a soldier. He was helpful and instructive, but partnering up with him was like fighting a rock and I was a worm. Same with when I had to partner with another assistant of Gilles’s in a fighting seminar. I was punched in the head that startled me more than hurt me, but it was a good punch by someone who clearly was far superior in skills. I need to bring it better and stop laughing so much when I get nervous.

I look forward to make Strasbourg Krav Maga my new home.

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