FR : The French home part 1

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Snap shot of a house

Random house

Their toilets, Shower, and Windows

When I got here the first time, I came into an apartment that was needing some work. My boyfriend’s place is on the 6th floor of this building in Montagne Verte area south west of Strasbourg. His wall is still raw of partially torn out old wall papers. The kitchen was partially function. That was nothing new to my knowledge of a habitable structure. But the differences, however common it maybe for others, I still took my personal time to enjoy, or trip out on littlest of things. Below are some of my first impressions. More soon.

The toilets – they are located in a separate room than the bathrooms. So you’d ask for toilet if you wish to use the toilet, not where the bathroom is.

The bath/shower – they come with shower heads that do not hang over your head. They just sort of rest on this weird housing on top of the hot/cold water knobs down below. I had to ask them to explain to me how do they shower. Apparently they are satisfied with a one hand holding up the shower head system. This I can not get used to.

The windows – Seriously I really honestly thought for a freakish few seconds that they were BROKEN. The top two corners of the windows seem to loose a hinge. I freaked out the first time I operated one, to simply open a window. The top of it angle toward me and I thought it was going to fall on me. Whew. Luckily it’s just one of many little things that the French has here that makes me wonder why it doesn’t exist somewhere else I’d ever been? The windows, and similar type doors, have 3 positions for the handle. When you point to 12 o’clock, you get the top window to ajar. When you point to 3 o’clock, you get to open the window like how we all know to open a window. And when you point the handle down to 6 o’clock, that’s when you get it into lock. ¬†Another thing about these windows, which apparently I can go on and on about, they are DOUBLE glass. This helps the insulation during the harsh weather season. Also common, is the roll down metal shutter outside the window to provide complete darkness and/or security when you want to. The windows themselves are obviously newly designed. What I love the most about seeing them is how they are commonly fitted in with the existing windows of very old structures.


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