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This is a Thai version of the god.

Phra Yom (พระยม) and his water buffalo ride

If you have stayed with us at the N6, you’d know a little bit about the name of this neighborhood. Saphankwai (S’paan Kwaa-i or สะพานควาย). “Bridge-Water buffalo” or Water Buffalo Bridge, the history has it that this area was where bunches of them cross to get to the market area to be sold. Some would go for use as work force, those that were too old would go to the slaughter house.

Over the few decades since our house “N6″ has been bought by my family, the intersection hasn’t changed that much. Minus the old shopping mall, which was burned down in the 90s, sitting empty since. (Probably has to do with the cost of rebuilding the whole thing.) Incidentally, the whole area impresses me to be the case of current property owners holding out on selling by asking too much. Ever since the BTS skytrain station has been established there, everyone expect a large commercial snatch of the whole neighborhood. So far developers only spawned up some high rise condos. I suspect it’s the case of land owners in the areas are not pressed to sell their properties – because ? Because they are already rich, and they are not pressed for money. This is one of the reasons I hear on the street.

I’ll continue to do the research.

Unrelatedly, I dug up some mythologies involving a water buffalo. I turned up with a character, a deity in charge of death and/or justice. This particular god, as existed in Chinese, Indian, and Thai versions, has his vehicle of choice being a water buffalo. Jekky told me that it is so because the water buffalos are strong and royal. They are also very fierce that only the mighty strong god can tame them.

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  • Saphankhwai will change because investment and people.

  • N6 Thailand is our Home sweet Home.
    There’s N6 Thailand everywhere; I’m N6,You are N6 and We are N6.
    Thank you Peak to brought me there.
    Love and Hug.

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