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Bangkok Morning

Good Morning

Back from 20 years of absence. This place has CHANGED. Packed full of western experience, I came back to Thailand for many reasons. The main ones being around :

1. Photography
2. Art Bridge
3. Music Bridge
4. MMA/Muay Thai
5. Cultural re-emergence
6. Social observations
7. Political research
8. Language tune-up

How will I do this? My grand ideas are ¬†hugely ambitious. But I figured I have one shot at it, so why not? I’m fortunate to have an access for a 5 story row house place that belongs to my family. Since I no one has been using for at least 15 years for more than a storage, I sort of low key bullied my way into taking over this place. And for continuity, I will then bully my way back into the Thai society before heading back out again.

To keep my mind focus in the ideas of interests, I started to heavily host couchsurfers. Because for me, by having international guests of specific common interests come through, the certain ideas can be explored, shared, and to hopefully flourish. For the highest of ideals, this place could be a hub for brilliant minds to meet each other. But for the very least, it will just be a chill place where people can relax, and focus/refocus on the journey and itinerary.

A few months into it,  60 couchsurfers later, I realized even more how important it is to push further this mission. As each individual that came through Рcame with their own unique story, path, and passion each reminds me we all are looking for something more meaningful than just trekking along some unfamiliar roads, snapping landmark pictures, or bringing home t-shirts as souvenirs. So, with whatever it takes, I should push forward all possibility of what this house, myself, and everyone else here can best be, even at the rate of one droplet of an effort at a time.

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