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TH / US : Favorites of Thailand and San Diego by Joshua Williams, San Diego, CA, US

Mar 30, 2010 by     1 Comment     Posted under: Recommendations

Thailand :

Besides N6 itself my favorite thing in Thailand was…Naiharn Beach. If you end up in Phuket which I don’t recommend overall. This beach is a saving grace from the over-touristed island. There is not a McD’s or 7-11 in sight. The drive up is nice espescially if you take the long way and pass through Promtep cape at the southernmost point of the island. You’ll continue up the west cost a eventually follow nice canal that flows right into the ocean at the point where the local children play in a shallow pool. This give a unique layout to the beach. There are just a couple resorts nestled off to the north but no imposing commercialism. There is a nice little makeshift restaurant at the south end of the beach, serving standard but tasty Thai fare at good prices for a beach locale. The water is clear and the beach itself more serene and beautiful that any other on Phuket (IMO). Enjoy.

San Diego :

La Jolla Cove. Pure sex except for the smell of sea lion and bird poop.



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